Oh, hi there – I’m Scott Sevener!

You may remember me from such Internet sensations as Just Laugh magazine and I’ll Bet Your Can’t Fit That In Your Mouth! I also write a weekly humor column, appropriately entitled The Humor Column, but that doesn’t actually have anything to do with Disney World, so what do you care, right?! 😯

Well, my fine feathered acquaintances, I’m about to give you a reason to care because I’m here to announce a brand new offshoot of that esteemed humor column that several people know and love, and this edition of that witty humor editorial will be dedicated solely to highlighting all of the random things that amuse me … around Walt Disney World!

Everything from the $39 t-shirts to the single-ply toilet paper in the restrooms…

All of the most memorable attractions that don’t have Stitch in them, and even the ones that said crazy, little, blue alien could actually probably improve…

We’ll talk about the perpetually broken down yeti of the Forbidden Mountain who’s in desperate need of a psychiatrist for continuing excessive exposure to disco, and even uncover how Donald Duck – one of the Fab Five himself – is able to get away with running around the parks all day without actually wearing any pants.

I may not get to drop into Disney Geek mode with my traditional humor column very often because anyone who’s not one of us would likely run for the hills and never buy another one of my books ever again, but you’re my people – you get the same questions that I do about “going on yet another Disney vacation when you’ve already been twice this year!” and even fielding concerns from friends and family who don’t think it’s “normal” for a grown adult without kids to have pictures of cartoon characters all over their living room walls!

…and bedrooms, and kitchens, and foyers, and don’t forget that little Mickey Mouse garden gnome that you picked up at Flower & Garden last spring…

Because it’s amidst that bubbling sea of Disney Obsession where we all congregate that some of the funniest stories can be found – like the time I got busted by my wife for getting a little flirty with one of the ballerina-dancing hippos at Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf, or the time that I literally got hit in the head by a bird at the Magic Kingdom! There’s all sorts of funny stuff happening around this magical vacation kingdom that we all unabashedly call our second home, and while the other columns on this site may serve to discuss and review and generally muse about the other aspects of the World that make it so great, this new column that I’m creating called Mouse Laughs simply aims to poke a little lighthearted fun at the beyond ridiculously silly parts of Walt Disney World that keep us up laughing long after Stacey has finished going through the Must-Sees on resort TV for the umpteenth time.

This is a column that I’ve looked forward to creating for a while now and I think it’s going to be a Magical Moment Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Main Street Bakery-sized amount of fun, so I hope that you’ll keep an eye on this spot for brand new Disney World humor from none other than yours truly each and every month!  😉

Until next time, though, this particular paragraph marks the end of our journey here today, so please take small children by the hand, and watch your head and step as you exit the humor column. If you miss your step and hit your head, please watch your language, and enjoy the rest of your time here today at DisneyHumorColumn.com!   :mrgreen: