Morimoto Asia is awesome.

Visiting Sprinkles Cupcakes is a life-changing experience, and even some of the new outlet stores look promising.

But by far the most exciting feature to come out of the massive, multi-year Disney Springs re-imagining is without a doubt … the parking garages.

There was a time when I used to absolutely dread going to Downtown Disney simply because driving around in circles waiting for a parking spot to open up isn’t something that I cherish in my Walt Disney World adventures. Then they took some of the parking lots away and made us start parking across the street and I was reminded that the magic that Disney’s Imagineers wield can most definitely be used for both good and evil!

We don’t talk about those days of parking in the Team Disney lots anymore, though, because now that Disney’s sparkling, new parking garages have been raised, those dark and distant Team Disney parking lots can’t hurt us anymore…

No, these days we find ourselves greeted by citrus as we cruise merrily down Buena Vista Drive … well, sometimes we cruise, but it’s getting there! … rolling up that welcoming entrance ramp to Orange or sliding left to slip into the open armed embrace that Lime has waiting for us, both new garages eager to make us forget all of our former parking woes and get us back into the mood of spending money like any good Disney guest should be. For here, there’s no searching and circling, and certainly no stalking outgoing guests in hopes of snagging up their spot before a guy coming the opposite direction steals it from us!

Parking at Disney Springs truly is the premium resort parking experience that Disney guests have longed for all of these years, and now it’s here – all the way down to those darling, little lights hanging above each and every parking space to tell us from afar whether it’s worth racing down the aisle or if we should just keep on a truckin’ over to the next row to find that no longer elusive empty spot that we’re after.

Looking to just pop in for a grape slushy and a Rice Krispie treat the size of Mickey’s head?! No problem!

Thinking about hitting up AMC for dinner and a movie this evening? Now you’ll actually spend less time parking the car than you will watching your movie!

I never would’ve thought that I’d be excited about a parking lot at Disney World, especially after having to park my car roughly 3.5 miles away from the resort the last time we stayed at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, but despite what felt like a construction takeover of Downtown Disney that would result in crane-themed merchandise and a corresponding collection of limited edition pins, Disney did a good thing – no, an incredible thing – with the addition of the Orange and Lime Garages because Disney Imagineers followed that simple mantra…

“If you build it, your guests NEED TO BE ABLE TO PARK THEIR CARS if you want them to come to it!!!”

With only a precious few months of construction remaining before the new Disney Springs is finally completed, the promotional signs a-plenty make no secret what’s left in store – a brand new World of Coca-Cola store, a slightly less tacky and outdated Planet Hollywood, and even more new outlets to see Disney’s newfound dream through to life of making us all forget that the Orlando Premium Outlets even exist! But as far as I’m concerned, they could pull down all of those construction walls tomorrow and I’d be happy at this point.

You had me at Orange Garage, 5th Floor – 322 Parking Spaces Available, Mickey…