As countries anxiously await signs that the COVID-19 pandemic is reaching its peak and lives can one day soon return to normal, executives at The Walt Disney Company are hard at work trying to figure out what a post-Coronavirus theme park experience might look like for Disney guests.

In a memo leaked by a Disney employee who is not authorized to speak on the matter, options for reopening the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts might include a brand-new VIP Access Program that would allow for exclusive access to the Disney parks to only five lucky guests for an admission price of $2.5 million per day.

In exchange for this once in a lifetime ticket to the world, each guest will receive a personalized concierge service in the form of a team of one thousand cast members assigned to operate any attractions, restaurants, gift shops, or churro stands that the guest chooses to partake in during their visit.

“The magic is YOURS!” dubbed a tagline alongside visions of guests returning to enjoy their favorite Disney attractions such as Space Mountain and Primeval Whirl with literally no wait times whatsoever.

Disney estimates that with only five guests in the park on a given day, the company should be well-equipped to support the continued social distancing guidelines as recommended by the CDC to help further prevent the spread of COVID-19 as the rest of the world attempts to resume their daily lives.

Although Disney would not comment on this unique pricing approach, sources suggested that Park Hopping may also be available to guests under the new VIP Access Program for a nominal fee.